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Check out my other blogs: Sow What Journey http://sarahsowwhat.tumblr.com www.100actsofgreen.org As a homeschooling Girl Scout I am often doing my Journey's as part of my school work. Which means that I have to plan and implement them myself. I have been asked to share this with others. My first blog was with the Senior Sow What Journey. Since I plan to earn 5 other Journeys -- this will be the site for all information.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Going For The Gold

            Hello, sorry I haven’t posted in quite a while. I’ve decided to start up the Journey again, with an Ambassador Journey: Bliss, Live it, Give It.

            But why I haven’t posted in a while was because I was taking a “Journey side adventure”. I was earning my Gold Award. The Gold Award is the highest award you can receive in Girl Scouts and it is designed to help girls picture a goal and to work hard to meet it. Or, so that it fits this Journey, they can picture a “dream” and they can achieve it.

            My Gold was environmentally based and it was on a community level. I evaluated around 1500 yards in three different neighborhoods in the city of Pflugerville, to see if any of them qualified for a free street tree. This project was and is, called Neighborwoods.

            On working towards my “dream” I learned valuable skills that will help me later on in the future. A few: People skills, grant writing, public speaking, presentation of my project and of myself and perseverance.

            I am glad that I have finished, because it gives me joy, knowing I have completed such a high award. I’m also proud, because it has shown me that I can achieve what I dream, if I keep at it.