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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Power of Advocacy #5 - Ambassador Journey - Meeting Follow Up -- Take Action (Take 2)

Step 6:  Since my original meeting didn't allow me to really make my pitch.  I am counting this  call as my pitch.  I had GSUSA staff - 3 of them on the call with me.

On December 9, 2013, I had a follow up conversation with GSUSA. I requested this second meeting because my previous one with Ms. Joann Berge, I felt that I was not heard or listened to. So I sent her an agenda and gave her a time frame. I feel that in this meeting I was given the opportunity to speak about my survey and journey plan/idea.

Throughout this phone meeting GSUSA commented on my efforts and leadership, these were the extent on what these comments were about. I was also asked questions on my journey such as “If girls had this journey do you really think that they would go for the Gold Award?” or “Do you think that awards are necessary for older girls after they have received their Gold?” I answered each question with a yes.

The agenda:

    - Who

    - Why

        - The lack of Girl outdoor badges, journey's of interest to older girls – therefore NOT doing higher level awards and opportunities

-      Used to be 24 Outdoor Badges, now there is 4 (total in all three levels combined: Cadette, Senior, Ambassador)

-      We need more skill building badges to keep outdoor program/camp pathway a reality at council levels

 Survey Results

          Share and discuss 1739 respondents

          Plan for follow up survey – asking point blank questions – with the intention to be a national survey of girls 4th grade and “up”

Journey Plan – sample STEM in the Outdoor journey idea


    - What will it take to make this reality?

        - Is it money?

        - Is it Council commitment?

    - When can you find out more for me

    - Thank you for your time and help

            I would love comments on
  • whether or not you would use an outdoor journey and if you had it for your use,
  • would you be more inclined to go for your Gold?
  • Also, for those who have earned their Gold, would you be more inclined to do more in Girl Scouts, if you had an “award” of some sort?
I plan on creating another survey soon! Look out for it on my blogs and on Facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/CSAGirlScoutsOutdoors/