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Check out my other blogs: Sow What Journey http://sarahsowwhat.tumblr.com www.100actsofgreen.org As a homeschooling Girl Scout I am often doing my Journey's as part of my school work. Which means that I have to plan and implement them myself. I have been asked to share this with others. My first blog was with the Senior Sow What Journey. Since I plan to earn 5 other Journeys -- this will be the site for all information.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Power of Advocacy #7 - Ambassador Journey - - Thank You

Ms. Berg,
I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me.

I don't feel I got to talk with you about my survey and the results.  Please review and share with all departments that have girl impact.

It is important to get the girls outside.  Studies across the country back the importance of nature and its connection to academic success.

GSUSA needs to take the lead- councils and girls will follow.  Listen to the girls- ask current members what they want.

I would appreciate a time to actually talk about the survey, and for you to listen to my journey idea and not be told what you think can be done.   I worked hard to put together information and you wouldn't let me share it with you.  Although discouraging- I will continue to pursue.

When is a good time to talk with those who could answer my questions?
1.  What would it take to make this type of journey happen?
2.  Is it money?  If so how much?

I can talk by phone the first two weeks of December on Mondays or Wednesdays.

I look forward to our next discussion.

Sarah Young

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On Nov 25, 2013, at 4:51 PM, "Berg, Joanne" <JBerg@girlscouts.org> wrote:
Dear Sarah:

Thanks so much for coming in today to meet with me and to share your ideas.  Truly appreciated!

Have a great Thanksgiving in New York City!


Joanne L. Berg
Executive Editor, Girl Experience
Girl Scouts of the USA

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Power of Advocacy #4 - Ambassador Journey - Meeting on Monday 11/25

Identify the big ears and set up a meeting.  Thanks to all the adults who are part of our team -- we have made enough noise.  I have a meeting set.

I thought I would send you an email to let you know where I am on my Ambassador Advocacy Journey.
You contacted me during the survey process and expressed interest in being part of phase two.

I hope you have followed the blog and facebook group – to see the sample letters drafted and posted there.  http://journeysummit.blogspot.com/

Monday (yes, 4 days away 11/25) – I am meeting with GSUSA to discuss the survey results AND the Outdoor Journey.

If you haven’t already sent your letter – please do.  You can also send a video message.  (I will be encouraging folks to do that during the month of December)

I will be posting the survey results to the blogspot as well - http://journeysummit.blogspot.com/

But, thank you and those who supported this project so far.  We had at least 65 GS Councils and 1739 girls respond to the survey.

Let’s keep telling them what we want!



Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Power of Advocacy #6 - Ambassador Journey - WRITE LETTERS - TELL GSUSA WHAT WE WANT

Prepare Your Pitch
This is part of my pitch and I am asking for your help.

Now is the time for us to take this to the next level.  Below are two different levels. I encourage you to hand write both letters and mail them to Ms. Chavez.  This is a great opportunity for a troop meeting, etc.

Although, I would love to have you send them to me -- and we send them to her together -- I think it is a bigger impact to get a lot of mail.

So send them, but, keep track how many your troop sends.  Then POST it.

Share this anyway you can!
We don't know if they will change - but, let's give it a try.  The Girl VOICE is important.

(Your Return Address)

(Your City, State, Zip)


Girl Scouts of USA

420 Fifth Avenue

New York , NY  10018-2798


November   , 2013



Dear Ms. Chavez,


            My name is _________________ and I am a (insert program level) Girl Scout.  During my Girl Scout career I have collected fond memories.  Many of which are from Girl Scout camp.

            I feel that Girl Scouts camps are a huge part of what Girl Scouting is to girls.  Just like when you were a girl.  As well as a big part of who I am.  I can’t believe that so many councils are selling their camps.  This is wrong.  I realize that you feel that this is not a GSUSA issue – but, I disagree.

            These camps are closing because of lack of use – this is because councils do not understand the importance of the camp pathway.  And the staff are not supported by GSUSA with camp pathway materials, marketing tools, guidance or even an opportunity to facilitate best practices or popular camps among councils.  The camps aren’t getting used because councils do not know how to program, market and effectively run their camps.

            GSUSA has the responsibility to support councils who lack the training to manage, program and market their camps.





            Please evaluate the staff and support GSUSA could offer to councils including a place on PEARL that they could post successful camp descriptions, camp outlines and marketing materials.  This would be a low cost, immediate demonstration of support and collaboration amongst councils.


Yours In Girl Scouting,



(your email address)

(Your Return Address)

(Your City, State, Zip)


Girl Scouts of USA

420 Fifth Avenue

New York , NY  10018-2798


November   , 2013



Dear Ms. Chavez,


            My name is ____________________ and I am a (insert program level) Girl Scout.  Currently, the troop pathway includes the Girl Experience handbook and as a )insert program level) – I realize that the Journeys and Badges are very limited at this level.  From middle school – high school there are only 4 outdoor/environmental badges available for us to earn.  The prior edition 2001 copyright had 17. 

            I ask you to bring back the C/S/A outdoor, camping IP’s.  From 1948 to 2001 the number of outdoor activity badges were plenty and available for all kinds of weather and regions of the country.

            The Girl Experience is also limited in the way we earn higher level awards.  Currently, the Journeys offered to not appeal to all girls who are currently in Girl Scouting.  The C/S/A levels should be about leadership retention and GSUSA and councils need to focus on retention.  By offering unique programming and outdoor opportunities is the way Juliette would have wanted us to help develop these skills.

            INSERT YOUR GS story





            I ask you to consider the development of a C/S/A outdoor journey.  The cost of this could and should be minimal.  The outdoor outfitters who target women would be willing to sponsor such an initiative.  The manual should ONLY be for the girls and should be available ONLINE only.  This would allow for immediate implementation, reduce initial outlay and the manual can be updated with links regularly.



Yours In Girl Scouting,



(your email address)