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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Power of Advocacy #4 - Ambassador Journey - Meeting on Monday 11/25

Identify the big ears and set up a meeting.  Thanks to all the adults who are part of our team -- we have made enough noise.  I have a meeting set.

I thought I would send you an email to let you know where I am on my Ambassador Advocacy Journey.
You contacted me during the survey process and expressed interest in being part of phase two.

I hope you have followed the blog and facebook group – to see the sample letters drafted and posted there.  http://journeysummit.blogspot.com/

Monday (yes, 4 days away 11/25) – I am meeting with GSUSA to discuss the survey results AND the Outdoor Journey.

If you haven’t already sent your letter – please do.  You can also send a video message.  (I will be encouraging folks to do that during the month of December)

I will be posting the survey results to the blogspot as well - http://journeysummit.blogspot.com/

But, thank you and those who supported this project so far.  We had at least 65 GS Councils and 1739 girls respond to the survey.

Let’s keep telling them what we want!



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