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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mission Sisterhood - Journey #2 - Post 1

Journey #1 - Sow What -- check out http://sarahsowwhat.tumblr.com/

Journey #2 - Mission Sisterhood - This 10 part Journey is designed to help girls create their own definition of sisterhood, identify issues and to TAKE ACTION.

This is the first post for Journey #2
Unlike my last Journey that I did on my own -- I am excited to embark on this journey wtih my cousin Joanna.  It will be much easier than talking to myself. 

 Joanna and I sat down and discussed what we thought “sisterhood” meant to us. We both agreed that “sisterhood” meant more than just being sister related to someone, but decided that it meant to have a sister-like relationship with say a different family member or friend. For example…Joanna and I have a sister-like relationship; I do things with her, which I wouldn’t do with friends or other members of my family.
We also had a discussion on body language, and different ways that people that have this “sisterhood” relationship would communicate with each other.
1) Body Language, such as what that person does with their arms and legs. They could make a sequence of movements that only their friend that they share this “bond” with can understand. 2) Texting, texting is also another form of communication that friends use, and use regularly. 3) Passing notes, now this form of communication is usually done, in class, or by code, and you just hand them an envelope one day when you see them. 4) Snail mail, I’ve only ever done this a couple of times, its effective, and fun, and a great way to communicate with fellow friends. 5) E-mailing, I do this form quite often, it’s a great way to communicate, although it takes away the anticipation of getting a letter, or the fun feeling you get when you get to pass notes between one another. But still it is a way that lots of teens use to communicate with. 6) Calling, this is also another popular way of communication, it is used quite often, although I don’t do it as much as I would like to it is a great way to communicate with friends that live far away, or fairly close. 7) Talking online, I have done this a couple of times with my friends, and a few times with my dad, it is an okay way, in my opinion, to communicate, it often lags, and has holes in the way that your able to communicate. But many people enjoy communicating through say, Skype, Google plus, and other things of the like. Then there is my most favorite 8) Talking face to face, this is my all time favorite way to communicate with friends because it is most effective. When you do other types of communication such as texting you lose vital keys of infliction such as your facial expression, or the emphasis on a word, or a gesture with the body that can only be seen when you are face to face.
So these are the things that we talked about, and things that we discussed.

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