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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Golden Eaglet - Needlewoman - The comfiest badge yet

This has been, by far, the comfiest badge, old and new, I have ever done. For this merit badge I learned the differences of the hand needles. Crewel needles are good for embroidery but not ribbon embroidery; you use Chenille Needles for that. Tapestry Needles are used for canvas work and embroidery.

I tidied up my sewing kit, throwing out old thread spools and organizing my needles by type and size. As well as adding more thread to the “selection”.

But the aspect of this badge that I enjoyed most was making my own pair of pajama pants. The badge originally had the girls make a simple house dress.  For me this wasn't practical -- I will be making three in the dressmaker badge.
grandmother helped me by giving me the patterns and teaching me various hems (I used three different hems on my pants). Although I had to take out and re-sew three hems because I sewed on the wrong side, I broke and replaced a sewing machine needle and pressed the pants after each hem, I got it done within three and a half hours!

I enjoyed this badge and I can’t wait to do the Laundress badge and Dressmaker!

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