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Monday, September 30, 2013

The Power of Advocacy #2 - Ambassador Journey

Step 2:  Tune In – Do some research – zoom in on a specific angle and possible solutions.  See out the root causes.  Where can you learn more?  Trustworthy and unbiased.

            When I was 13, I was a part of a group called The Green 13. It was a group of teenagers that were all passionate about one thing, getting kids outdoors. But not only getting them outside, but also showing them that they need to be outside.

            Because research shows, that kids who spend time outdoors are more fit physically and mentally. They are happier and healthier and ready for challenges. And Girl Scouts have conducted and are conducting research on what girls as a whole are interested in. Trying to appeal to them so they join Girl Scouts, whereas there are girls in Girl Scouts, who are not happy with many of the choices being made.

            One of the issues that have come up in my council is that adults are making choices whereas the girl should have. So I have created a survey that asks older Girl Scouts in my council, what they want to see done. As well as, if they would like to participate in a Girl Led Committee that helps make the decisions on what we can do. Girl Scouts was started as Girl Led… lets get it back to that.


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  1. Can we use your form, just change it to our council initials where needed? Think this needs to be be done country wide!