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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Golden Eaglet

Blog Post #1

Golden Eaglet

My fascination with vintage badges started during the 100th anniversary when  I looked through the 1947 Intermediate guide that would have been the same my grandmother used when she was a scout.  I earned some old badges that she earned.    They are part of our family legacy badges (those my mom and grandmother earned -- now I have earned them and we have extras for my sister and future daughters.
I have finished the Journeys, interesting current Ambassador badges and over 100 of the IPP's from 1985-2002.  So I have continued to try and find a challenging goal for my next year or so as a girl scout.
I looked at the Golden Eaglet. And as crazy as it sounds, I’m going for the Golden Eaglet. Because, once an award, always an award. -- Have you seen the Golden Eaglet video?   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5UBGJAeDFM

So the next series of blogs are going to be about the 21 merit badges I will have to earn to earn the Golden Eaglet.

Needle Woman and Laundress are first. I hope that in reading this, maybe you too will earn some of the older merit badges. They have more requirements, but I think they are more interesting than any of the badges they have now.


  1. Just curious - are you able to find the actual awards?

  2. At this time my mom has found all the 1930's version of the 21 badges I need. Of course I have to earn the first....

    We have seen a few Golden Eaglets on ebay and have talked with some collectors.