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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Why Journeys? -- A Senior Girl Scout perspective

Why Journeys? I know that a lot of Girl Scouts and Leaders aren’t sure if they like Journeys.  And honestly before my recent trip to Ghana Africa – I was wondering what benefit (other than earning the awards) was there to doing all the journeys?
 For the last year I have been working on three Senior Girl Scout Journeys, working towards my summit pin, by myself. The Sow What Journey, on agriculture, green living and healthy living. Mission Sisterhood, on understanding yourself and others, and Girltopia, looking at the world around you and understanding the way others live and work.
            All of these journeys came into play on this Ghana trip. I traveled with five other girls my age who are also Girl Scouts. And without noticing I used different aspects from each journey on this trip.
            I implemented communication and teamwork skills with my group in patrol games during the camping Jamboree. Teamwork skills and communication skills from which I learned and practiced while doing Mission Sisterhood. As well as reading body language of my friends to learn how they where feeling.
            The Sow What journey I saw a lot in the villages. They were using their resources wisely, using what they had instead bringing in more waste. There were people there that had very little but used all of their resources to create something they could use.
            I looked around and took in how the girls and women of Ghana lived and worked everyday while I was there. To me it looked somewhat difficult to live a life style with very little.

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