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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bliss - Live It, Give It #4 - Dream Catcher

Writing a good story...
Finding a way to get there ...

A friend and I both had a love for creating stories and new worlds to escape to. We created, together, short stories about time traveling to the past or appearing in a whole other universe. But these were just short stories. What we both wanted was to create a full length adventure/fantasy, together.

            It started out as a map that I drew and a plot that she made. We both gave each other ideas on characters. But we couldn’t create ones that were real enough. So, we molded them after us. Sora and Danica, she was Danica and I was Sora. We put ourselves into the story, so we, as a character, could escape to the world that the ancient winds would blow us to.

            We wrote scene after scene together, it was what we did. It was never finished, but I still have it. It was a dream then and for me it is still a dream, to write a story from beginning to end, with a friend.

My way to get there was with a homeschooling curriculum "One Year Adventure Novel".  I accelerated the curriculum to write it in half a year.

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