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Monday, May 27, 2013

Bliss - Live It, Give It #5 - Fashion some passion

            I have a passion for writing poetry and stories, and I never let that passion show until I read a poem to the public at Austin City Hall.   It was in front of Austin City Council on honor of the 100th Anniversary - on the day they read a city proclamation.


           I had shared my writing on the internet on various websites, but never to a group of people. Not because I didn’t think my writing was good, but because I thought that maybe other people would think that my writing was bad.

            But in reading the Bliss live it! the girls guide and leaders guide, I have learned to cast aside these people or “passion busters” when it comes to my passion.

            A passion buster is someone you don’t be yourself around, someone who makes you less confident in your abilities and someone who doesn’t take your dreams and passions seriously. I have known these kinds of people, but I have learned to change, not only how I act around them, but have changed how they act around me.

            The best way to stop a passion buster is to, be true to yourself and to your dreams and passions. Which means to always act like yourself, and if they say something that makes you feel like your not taken seriously, be up front about it, and ask that you are taken seriously. And follow that up with demonstrating that you yourself take your dreams and passions seriously and that you don’t feel embarrassed or apologetic about following them. Because it doesn’t matter if other people don’t like your passion, it only matters that you do.

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