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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bliss - Live It, Give It -- 7 & 8 -- Adopted Dreamer

             I chose my Girl Scout and she agreed that I could help her. The first two weeks I worked with her on expressing herself through other forms of art, which she enjoyed. She took photos and learned about composition and how a picture can tell a thousand words. She practiced taking pictures of the other Girl Scouts while they were doing a project, trying to capture what they were doing in a single picture.

            She also told me that she enjoyed drawing. We worked on lines, shading and other drawing techniques. She tried 3D dimension drawing, as well as still life. But her favorite was anime and cartoons. I had her draw what she was good at in anime as well as what she wished she could invent. Both were on drawing.

            She then took what she knew on how to express herself through art, and went and began to express herself through writing, on her own.

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