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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bliss - Live It, Give It - #9 - Moving Dreams Forward

            My dream was to finish a book and I did, but I didn’t just, sit down and write it. I did everything from the brainstorm to the outline, the rough draft and the editing. And the thing that helped me find the way to the last page of my novel was the Map.

            The Map was a book that had questions everywhere from, who’s your hero? to what is his/her positive ideal? These questions helped me to create a plot, create the characters and to create the emotion. The Map had me answer questions and write scene that would go into my book, but with exceptions like “only use an adjective every 100 words” or “do not use and adverbs”.

            It had everything, and it taught me and showed me the way to the very last word of my book. 

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