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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mission Sisterhood - Session 2 & 3 -- What makes a good friendship?

A good friendship is a healthy relationship between either two or more people. After watching Bride Wars…I started thinking about what kind of friendship I have with various people. Bride Wars portrayed a strong “bond” between two women that is ruined momentarily by jealousy. But a “bond” that is this strong does not stay broken for very long.
            I think that one to three very strong friendships is better than…say five or six “aquatinences”. It’s better to have something personal with a few friends than to have virtually almost nothing with quite a few. Because you’ll always know that your “strong” friend will always be there for you…when your “aquatinences” you can’t rely on completely.
            I would say that I have at least one really good friend, while I have quite a few… “friends” that don’t really have anything in common with me, but I enjoy to being around them. When you can tell that a small friendship has become something more…something personal and stronger is when one of the two…or more people in the friendship start to rely more on one another. 

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