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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mission Sisterhood - Session 3 -- Movies with my sister and looking at friendships

This weekend I decided to watch 2 movies with my sister -- we watched the movies and talked about the friendships.  It was interesting -- I chose Bride Wars and she chose - Jungle Book.            A good friendship is a healthy relationship between either two or more people. After watching Bride Wars…I started thinking about what kind of friendship I have with various people. Bride Wars portrayed a strong “bond” between two women that is ruined momentarily by jealousy. But a “bond” that is this strong does not stay broken for very long.

            The friendship that Liv and Emma have is a sister like friendship. Always there for each other, and they really care about each other in a sister like way. But when one of them screws up the friendship plummets. But in the end, both forgive each other…even if on turned the others hair blue…or turned the other into an orange person. Meaning that the sistership (sister like friendship) that they have is a strong one that can’t be broken.  

             The Jungle Book is a classic and original Disney movie. This movie portrays a friendship between a bear…and a boy. This friendship started out as an apprenticeship I guess, Baloo was going to teach Mogali the “Bear necessities” to help Mogali survive in the jungle. But through time Baloo and Mogali grew to be inseparable.
            The friendship they shared was like no other. They where always with each other and Baloo was almost like a “father” to Mogali. That’s just how far their friendship got, it got that deep. During the movie many things happen to Mogali that Baloo has to save him which strengthens their friendship even more.
            But in the very end, when Baloo fought Bagheera, that’s when Mogali finally found out just how much he needed Baloo.  

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