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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Girl Topia - Session 1 - What's It All About? Visonary

Walt Disney was a visionary. He thought of ideas that at first people thought seemed crazy and unattainable. But he turned those people the cold shoulder and did what he thought was right.

One of the ideas of his was EPCOT, or Experimental Prototype of Tomorrow. EPCOT was Mr. Disney’s idea of a perfect city. He worked hard on it; he pitched speeches and ideas to his fellow workers. He made detailed maps on his idea… one map he made was even on a napkin!

His idea was a great idea… a utopian city, were everyone is cast in a beautiful living style. But inevitably, he died before he could execute his plan. His fellow workers and even his brother tried to work it out. But they had a difficult time.

What would it have been like? If Walt Disney hadn’t died before EPCOT was made, would it have been a success or a failure?

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