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Friday, June 1, 2012

1947 - Tree Badge

Last week I enjoyed a trip to Savannah and to Orlando.  I had a chance to meet Girl Scouts from around the country.

As I finish up various IP's from Savanah - think about Girl Scout history -- I enjoyed looking through the 1947 Intermediate Girl Scout Handbook that we aquired for our own family archieves.  My grandmother was a Girl Scout and she used the 1947 version of the handbook.

My next goal is to actually find this badge :)

Here are the things that I think I have done to earn this badge:  I had to finish 10 of the activities.

  1. - This year I have identified, out of doors, fifteen different trees
  2. - I know how to plant and care for a young tree
  3. - I know how to properly cut a branch off a tree, and how to care for a tree's wound
  4. - I know which of my fifteen trees are hardwood and softwood
  5. - Plant trees
  6. - Identify, in your community, the kinds of trees and shrubs that attract birds
  7. - I have learned some of the bugs and deseases that a tree can obtain
  8. - I know where to get sticks for a camp fire
  9. - I am making a bow out of Ash Juniper, it is not to be painted, and it shows the grain of the wood
  10. - I know by sight five trees that bear fuit and nut that is edible

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