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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Family Legacy Badges

Over the last several months I have worked very hard to earn the IP's that my mom earned while she was an older girl  scout(184-1987).  It has been fun - so much fun I have asked her to get extras of those badges for my daughters and for my younger sister.  Since I don't know how many girls I will have or my siblings -- we agreed to get enough for 4 girls in the next generation to get our "family" legacy badges.
So if you are trying to figure out WHY you would want any of the retired badges -- think about it.  Were you a girl scout?  Are their badges that both you and your daughter have earned?  My sister is a brownie and she is so excited to get the Junior and Older girl IP's that we have purchased for her to earn. 
I really wish I could earn the ones that my grandmother had earned as an Intermediate Scout with the 1947 handbook - -but, I don't want to pay 10.00 - 60.00 for one of the badges.
My mom has written letters to the "future" girl scouts in our family and made copies of the badge requirements.  I am really excited about our family legacy badges and wanted to share the idea with other moms/aunts and grandma's -- or future grandma's.
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