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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Session 6 - Mission Sisterhood Journey

As I wrap up my Mission Sisterhood Journey – I am working on Sisterhood Knows No Boundaries, Making Sisterhood Your Story and Celebrating the Circle of Sisterhood all at the same time.
I found the best way to learn about Sisterhood and boundaries was to look at where we have been in the last 100 years.  In the past two months I have visited two different “Girl Scouting through the years”, exhibits. The first one that I visited was following the 100th Anniversary at the Texas Capitol – we went to the George Washington Carver Museum, and it was a rather interesting one. It had some of the different uniforms, the handbooks, the badge books, and even some of the merchandise. Then there was a wall dedicated to women that made a difference in the Central Texas area that were Girl Scouts. One of my favorite ones that I read was on Etta Moore, partly because she is currently the CEO of Girl Scouts of Central Texas, and also maybe because I know her. I enjoyed the museum and the exhibit.
            The other exhibit that I went to was the small one at the Girl Scouts of Central Texas Program Center. It was smaller, but it was also very interesting. I enjoyed looking at the different uniforms, thinking, “wow why don’t we still have those?!”. I also enjoyed, again, looking and comparing their handbooks and badge books to my own that I currently have (I have the new orange senior badge book as well as the old one). One thing that I will always remember from that exhibit would be the Swap Hat. That hat was full of Swaps; there was not an empty square on there anywhere! I even saw a mouse trap on the hat, what a crazy swap. I also enjoyed looking at the “Edge” exhibit, looking at where it is, and where it started. And one of the reasons why I thought it was interesting was because my mom started the program. I encourage other Girl Scouts to also visit this exhibit. 

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