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Check out my other blogs: Sow What Journey http://sarahsowwhat.tumblr.com www.100actsofgreen.org As a homeschooling Girl Scout I am often doing my Journey's as part of my school work. Which means that I have to plan and implement them myself. I have been asked to share this with others. My first blog was with the Senior Sow What Journey. Since I plan to earn 5 other Journeys -- this will be the site for all information.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Session 8 - Making sisterhood your story

            I am finishing this amazing journey, and it was a fun one. Leaning about myself and others, and what a true friend is. As my last part of this journey I am reading a biography on Juliette Gordon Low, and it is quite an interesting book.
            When I started reading it, I thought about how much fun it would be to do a two person “play” on the life of Juliette Gordon Low. So reading this biography has more than one purpose, this book is going to help me write my script. I have decided to have my sister help me in the presentation of the play. She will be portraying Juliette as a child and a teen, and once the time has come for her to get married (Juliette), I will finish off her “life”, and talk about all the interesting things she’s done as an adult…including founding Girl Scouts!
            As well as reading this book, I am also going to be going to Juliette’s house in less than a week! I’m excited to go because this can help me more with my “research”, though I would hardly call it that. I would call it more like a treasure hunt, each fact, a beautiful jewel.
             My goal would be to perform this twice in the next year -- once in December at the council Candal Lighting event and again at ACC in March as part of Women's History Month.  Now if I could only find her "hat"  -- I love the hat she wears as part of her uniform.

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