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Sunday, May 13, 2012

One Journey at a Time?

Who says you only have to do one journey at a time? As I am finishing up the Mission Sisterhood journey, I am rapidly beginning the next journey Girltopia. As part of my beginning of Girltopia I have to research and write about a couple of female artists.
Juliette Gordon Low was not only the founder of Girl Scouts, but she was also an artist. Juliette loved art; she did many different types of art as well. She sculpted and painted. A famous painting done by Juliette was her self portrait.
I do not know much about Juliette Gordon Low as an artist, but I am going to visit her home in eleven days. While I am there I will learn and study her life as not only a scout, but also a painter, and sculptor. I wish to create a painting that portrays scouting throughout the years, and I hope that while I am there, I learn a little more about her time period, and her important role in Girl Scouting.
As well as studying and learning about Juliette’s life and era, I will also work on 4 IP’s that you are only able to work on and earn in Savanna, Georgia. IP’s such as Daisy’s neighborhood, and Savanna’s safari. I look forward to this trip, and I will post about my experience, what I learned and what I did.

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