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Monday, May 21, 2012

Session 9 & 10 - Celebrating the Circle of Sisterhood

            Making my Brownie oven, and making a brownie, the bridging ceremony

When I heard that my troop was going to hold a Court of Awards Ceremony, and Bridging ceremony, I knew that I wanted to help with the bridging ceremony for the Daisy's to Brownies. Because ceremonies are a big part in Girl Scouts. And when I was searching for the perfect Brownie Bridging ceremony idea, I found the cutest little ceremony script. I call it the, Brownie Baking Bridging Ceremony. Because you are supposed to “bake” the Daisy’s into Brownies.
   So I had to make an oven…this was the hard part. I tried to find instructions on how to make one but found none. Then my mom came up with a BRILIANT! idea. We took an old cardboard, three leaf display board. Cut a little “oven door” in the front, I made some knobs for the “on” and “off” as well as a temperature knob. Then, ta da, I made a Brownie oven!
The script was also a hard thing to find, but I found one. After I tweaked it a little bit, I was finished. I had the oven, and the script, and I also had to make two little brown paper bag Brownie Vests for the two Daisys that are bridging. It was a fun process and I can’t wait for Sunday to come, because I love to see Girl Scouts getting excited about being a part of the Sisterhood of Girl Scouting.   
This celebration will be important to all of us.  We each have apart in the ceremony - it has been a wonderful year working with these younger scouts - watching them smile and get excited as they learn a new "Girl Scout" way.  I have enjoyed working with them on Thinking Day and talking about Girl Guides - of course making smores. 
Although my sister is in the troop - I feel like I have 15 sisters and I love it.  Thank you Ms. Jen and Ms. Kim for allowing me to come along for the trip.

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