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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Golden Eaglet - First Aid

I have been trained in First Aid and CPR and I can do the following as according to the 1934 badge requirements:

- Treat a fainting person
- Bandage a sprained ankle with a triangular bandage
            - Put on a sling
            - Treat a scratch, cut and blister
- Stop bleeding by means of pressure
            - Remove a splinter
- Remove a speck from the eye without rolling back the eyelid
            - Treat a burn
            - Treat poison Ivy

             For the Part II of this badge I had to present that I knew how to do the following:

-          How to properly use a triangular bandage

-          Control severe bleeding

-          Transport an injured person

-          Know how to treat a sprain, strain, bruise, nosebleed, choking, insect bite, sunstroke, frostbite

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