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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Golden Eaglet - Health Winner

This next badge was all about your health and being conscious of how you do everything that might affect your body and how you function.

            The first and second requirements were about posture and sleep. The first I’m not too good at, but completing this requirement brought my attention to how I should sit and stand. Always sit up straight, because it can help with your breathing and it can and will reduce lower back pain as well as neck pain. And sleep is important because without it, no one is functional. I am 16 and I go to bed at 8:00PM almost every night and get roughly 11 hours of sleep. Other girls my age don’t get this much sleep, but everyone in their teens (because they are either growing or are about to) should get 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night.

            The third and fourth requirements were concerned about the eyes and fresh air. Caring for your eyes is so simple and easy. Lighting is important, such as, when reading, writing or typing even, always have enough light. Especially if you are using a computer, the harsh light if you are in a dark room, can mess up your eyes to where you can’t adjust as quickly as you should to various lighting. And fresh air is also important, something as simple as taking a walk can help with moods and headaches. Playing outdoors is important because its proven that time spent outside can actually help with strengthening your ability to focus and retain information.

            The fifth and sixth requirements were simply about staying clean. Washing hands before and after a meal to wash off dirt and other materials and germs from other activities you’ve done during the day. Washing hands also helps with skin care and nail care. Taking showers regularly can also help with skin, nail and hair health. Taking a shower either every morning or every night, or even every other day is important because personal hygiene is crucial for not only your health, but it can also be a big part about your mood and how you present yourself.

            The last three were about eating right, dressing right and not attending gatherings when one is sick. Eating fruits and vegetables everyday can help with reducing stomachaches, headaches, cramps and it can help with other parts of your body such as carrots help with your eyes and milk helps with your bones and meats with your muscles. It’s important to eat a balance of fruits, veggies, dairy and protein everyday to look, feel and be your best.

            Wearing the right clothing during an activity is important because it can be the difference of either a won game or an injury. Wear close toed shoes with low heals when doing an activity that requires running so that you don’t trip over the ends of your shoes, also so that you don’t break a toe or sprain an ankle. Cut your toenails frequently so they don’t snag on your socks and create infection. Always wear socks when you wear shoes to prevent foot infection, smell and blisters. If you do get a blister, do NOT pick at it, put a band-aid over it and leave it alone for a couple days, then take the band-aid off and then again, leave it alone.

            The last and most important is staying at home when you are ill. Never go to a gathering with people if you know you are sick because you can spread it to other people. Also, stay in bed, don’t run around the house or be near family members because they can get it too. But also make sure, if you can, you open windows to get fresh air when you are sick so you don’t breath in the same germs over and over again in your room or home.     

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