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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Golden Eaglet - Junior Citizen


            As part of the requirements for this badge, I have earned my first aid badge, as well as I am studying for my Drivers Ed, test. These two have helped me meet the first two requirements.

            Because I am working on the 1934 badge, there was no way to “call” 911. Instead you would find your nearest station. But sometimes that would be too far away, so in case of an emergency, you would either find your parent, or the first aid kit. If neither of those are readily available, find the nearest adult, or neighbor. If you were lost in a city, you would go into the closest shop and ask the clerk where the nearest fire station is located. Why you would ask for the fire station, is because there are more of those in a city than a police station, so there would be a better chance you would be closer to one of those.

             Because I am studying for my drivers test, I now pay more attention to where I am going in the car, and can now help direct where the police station, fire station, library, City Hall, nearest park, nearest Skate Park, and two different churches are. As well as where the nearest Baskin Robins is.

            As I am homeschooled, I have no “school health services” except for what my parents pay.

            My community puts the trash in the bins and a commercial service comes and picks it up to take it to the dump. However in 1934, that would have not been the case. I’m not sure how they would have disposed of their trash, but that is how I dispose of my trash.

            In my community to protect trees and wildlife, we plant and mulch trees every so often on different days of service. And protecting wildlife can be as easy as not picking or stepping on wildflowers, hunting or hurting animals, as well as not polluting streams as well as not littering.

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