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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Golden Eaglet - Bird Finder

My love of birds first began when my grandfather came to Texas with a bird feeder and binoculars. He organized a week long “birding camp” and that was where I learned how to identify birds and count them as they come to the feeder.

Now because of this badge and all the classes I’ve had over the years, I can identify 25 plus different types of birds. Some I can even tell just by the silhouette as they are flying and also their flight pattern.

For example, the Turkey Vulture’s wings have a slight up turn to them and the always extend their wings at an 85 degree angle instead of all the way. The purple martin has a zig zag pattern of flying and the red tailed hawk flicks its tail as it flies.

I’ve had fun with this badge and I will use it to teach other girls on hikes as I progress in the Scouting Career! 

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