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Friday, May 16, 2014

Golden Eaglet - Home Nurse

Haven taken CPR and First Aid, this badge was not too difficult. Also having a mother who is always willing to help and demonstrate certain aspects is also very helpful.

            With this badge, I had to be able to know and show that I could help a “sick” person maneuver and do simple daily tasks. One that I had a particularly fun time doing was changing the sheets on a bed while it was occupied. I learned to roll a patient by placing hands on their shoulder and hip and then rolling them towards you, never away or they could fall off the bed. It goes the same for CPR and First Aid.

            Never leave a patient, even for a second, on a bed without sheets, it can be uncomfortable to them as well as it can contaminate the mattress. You want to have the bottom sheet ready as you undo the corners nearest you, and then put on the new under sheet. With the side that has not yet been put on the bed, scoot it as close to the patient without making them uncomfortable, then roll them towards you and with them still on their side, take the new under sheet and the old one and tug on them gently until you can roll the patient and they are laying on the new under sheet. Take the old under sheet and put it in the hamper. Put the new one’s last corners on. Changing the over sheet is the easiest part; always start from the top, so the patient isn’t smothered with the old and the new over sheet. After that, depending on the sick person, you will either tuck a loose hospital corner or a taught one, and then reapply the quilt.

            I enjoyed this badge, like all the others. My sister makes for a great patient, although she giggles at every touch.

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