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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Golden Eaglet - Pioneer Woman

I have always enjoyed camping, thinking of it as one big adventure. Doing this badge was kind of like review... just harder.

One requirement that I particularly thought was useful, was being able to spot what or what is not a good place to set up camp. For example, do not set up camp at the base of a hill, due to rain and other things that could roll down the slope. Also if you are camping near a source of water, camping upstream is ideal. Never camp under a single tree, even if you are sure that there will be no storm.

I also learned about different ways to set up a fire, such as the Scouts fire. For this you have to have two fairly large logs, large in width and length. Position them in an upside down V shape, not closing the narrow section. Place the widest part of the V away from the wind and the fire near the narrow section. To cook eight place a pot directly on the logs, or place a flat rock to use as a sort of stove. Use the part of the logs at the far wide end as benches.  All things fire was 3 of the requirements and 2 were cooking on a fire.  I loved it all.  I cooked in a dutch oven -- all by myself (usually I do it with groups). 

I also has to share what I know about edible plans, getting water and shelter.  These are just a few things learned through this badge, other things I learned I have written in a manual for my Journey Camp. This is also another reason why this badge was very helpful.

After completing this badge - I finished writing up the Outdoor STEM Journey resource guide.  It makes me smile to think that Juliette would approve of my Outdoor STEM Journey.

I hope if you are following me and my blog -- that you know I have a facebook group for the Journey - https://www.facebook.com/groups/CSAGirlScoutsOutdoors/ and another blog that is not about Journeys or the Golden Eaglet.  But much more cookies :)  http://300badgesandmore.blogspot.com/

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