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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Golden Eaglet - Hostess

Thanks to my Grandmother, I have been drilled with etiquette and know how to set a table with speed and accuracy. I have taken numerous classes on manners and how to present ones self with, also, my Grandmother.   As a result several of the requirements for this badge regarding being a guest were review and I was able to prove my proficiency quickly.

The only thing that I had trouble with was... being a hostess. I do not have friends over much, so I was not used to having to play that role. Until around a month ago, I was an expert at playing a Hermit, this badge changed all of that. I now am playing hostess once or twice a week.  Which means that I can receive and introduce guests and bid them good bye.

I have had to write a note of invitation for various events.  I did this using traditional and modern methods.  I think I prefer facebook events :)

The last part was to actually plan a part/event and assume I didn't have a serving maid (that was easy).  This was successful - not traditional - but we did have food, beverages and entertainment.  Understanding the roles of a hostess for a guest who is staying a few days or more - was something I was familiar with and was able to name those responsibilities without any issue.


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