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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Golden Eaglet - Rambler (Gardener, Water Life Finder - Fresh, Land Animal)

The Rambler Badge
The Golden Eaglet requirements Include 21 proficiency badges as part of it's 6 step process.  The list includes the Rambler Badge -- this badge is considered a "Group Badge".  It requires any 3 of the following badges (Bird Finder, Garden Flower Finder, Gardener, Insect Finder, Land Animal Finder, Rock Finder, Star Finder, Tree Finder, Water Life Fresh, Water Life - Salt and Wild Flower Finder)

My Rambler includes (Water Life Finder- Fresh, Gardener and Land Animal Finder)

Water life Finder-Fresh Water:
Nature Pfest - 2014
I have been a water quality monitor for the Lower Colorado River Authority during the last three years.  In this role, I have attended over 20 hours of training.  My favorite training is always about Macroinvertebrates.  I have led macroinvetebrate identification for several community outreach events.  In April, I taught 400 3rd graders all about how these bugs determine the quality of the water. 

The waterlife finder badge includes drawing a map of the stream - Gilleland Creek is the water feature I chose to study.  The typical plants and animals include ligustrium - which is an invasive species.  Native trees include cedar elm, pecan, mulberry.  The creek area is also full of green briar and poison ivy. 

The macroinvertebrates in the creek are very important for the life of the creek.  I loved watching the animals and teaching the kids about them. 



Land Animal Finder:
I had to study 15 animals and record observations.  A careful study of 6 that included 2 of each - lower animals, domestic animals and wild animals.  I laughed because the example of wild animals they gave me included squirrel, chipmunk, bat and deer.  I did spend too much time studying the squirrels at my grandparents.  The bats and field mice were not as interesting.  Walking sticks and the household cat - were others that I enjoyed.  Creative writing course this semester gave me an opportunity to write a story about a circus.


This badge was the first one I started since it required me to make a garden and take care of it for an entire season.  I did not succeed with all the plants.  I found that weeds and insects were not much of an issue during the season.  I also taught a workshop to brownies, daisys and juniors on how to design and install different types of gardens.  Specifically the making of monarch way stations.

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