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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Golden Eaglet - Housekeeper

Housekeeper had a bit of everything, some things I had learned in previous badges. But practiced them more during this one. Either way, I learned valuable skills in this badge.

            A very helpful thing I learned was in what order you would clean a room. One tip is “always start from the top”. The fan, then the window blinds, the window, then any surfaces in the room, the bed, then the baseboard. The last thing you do is sweep the floor, and if you have a carpet in a tile or wood floored room, you vacuum before you sweep as well.

            An efficient way to wash and dry dishes is to put the things with crusty or hard food on them in the sink first so that they can soak. Then you put the medium sized in then the smaller things. Anything really big will go last because you might need new water by then anyway. Always rinse and dry as you go, as well as put things up. Some people may leave things out to air dry but I never do because I like to see that I have finished something from start to finish and I won’t have to come back and finish it later.
*** Mom note:  My mother wanted me to add that my room is almost never clean.  Except when I was working on this badge. 

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