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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Golden Eaglet - Requirements

According to the 1934 Proficiency Badge book the scout has 6 requirements -

1.  Must be an active member of a Girl Scout troop and must have been registered for at least 3 years. -- I have been registered for 12 years

2.  Must be 16, 17 or 18 when she completes the requirements and the application. - I am currently 16

3.  Must have been a First Class Girl Scout for at least 6 months before the application for the Golden Eaglet award is made; must have earned 21 proficiency badges of which 17 must be those listed on the application form. - See previous blog posts

4.  Must have camped at least 2 weeks in a Girl Scout camp approved by National Headquarters.  Either 2 consecutive weeks or 2 1 week encampments. OR the 3rd way is 2 weeks in a approved troop camp experiences.

My Interpretation of #4 -- last summer I attended 2 10 day destinations events.  One in Ireland and One in Iceland.  The year before I attended a 3 week camping/lodging/jamboree in Ghana, Africa.  Not to mention my plans for summer 2014 - including leading a 10 day journey camp, 10 days sailing in the Virgin Islands and 2 weeks as a CIT II.

5.  Must have given satisfactory training to one or more Girl Scouts in the work for the First Class ranch with exception of proficiency badges and swimming.

My experience during the planning and execution of the Golden Eaglet Special Award and proficiency badges - I taught 14 girls how to put up and take care of a tent.  Took a group of 47 girls on a night hike during our service unit spring campout and identified constellations, animal sounds, tracks and plants/trees.  Finally, I worked with different Girl Scouts in my troop and council wide on their Bronze and Gold Awards.  As the youth director for Discover Green - I facilitated 4 Bugs, Flowers and More events with a total of 62 girls participated in the events.  These events included community service and learning about native plants and monarch butterflies.
6.  Must independently a satisfactory answer to a letter sent from National Headquarters about what she has done in Girl Scouting -- that will be the next blog.

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