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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Golden Eaglet - Dressmaker

            I never really enjoyed sewing, but I enjoyed this badge! And I plan on using the skills I learned to create more dresses for my sister in the future.

            For this badge I had to sew two articles of clothing using a sewing machine. And since my sister is in the SCA - Society for Creative Anachronism I made two more over dresses for her costume. While making the two, I learned about measuring and how to layout the pattern to get the most out of your fabric.

            I also used a piece of equipment that I had never even heard of called a serger. A Serger is used to bind the edges of the fabric to prevent fraying, which linen tends to do quite often and quite easily. Once the fabric was measured, cut and merged, I sewed the two pieces of fabric together using a regular sewing machine. What really confused me though, was that I also sewed the top where my sister’s head was going to go.

            After it was all sewn (even the top part!?), I measured and cut a pattern for what is called the neck facing. I pinned that to the dress’s top (the part that confused me) and then I sewed it to the dress. After it was sewn I cut a hole in the center, and VIOLA! I had my sister’s dress!

            I made one purple and one maroon overdress for my sister as a birthday present and I think she enjoys wearing them. I loved earning this badge, and I hope that you get as much fun out of it, as I did!

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