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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Golden Eaglet - Wildflower Badge

This year was a great year for Central Texas wildflowers.  They were beautiful and I was fortunate enough to do this during the wildflower season.

This badge was difficult in the beginning because I had to be able to identify 50 different wildflowers. After a couple months I was able to, and although I am still working on being able to identify some of them with just looking at them, I know the vast majority of them all.

Also another part of this badge was to know three poisonous plants, I ended up finding four. One is Poison Ivy, it can irritate the skin, Buttercup can injure the digestive system if you eat any part of it. So never eat a small yellow flower. Then there is also the Iris, it can upset your digestive system if you eat the underground stem portion. Bull-nettle or Mala Mujer, is also poisonous, all but the seed pod you cannot eat. And I do not know the symptoms, but I just wouldn’t eat it.

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